How Was Your Accomplishments Experience?

katwp 0 Comments January 19, 2020

Post by 11:59 pm in your timezone on Day 4 of Week 1.

Now that you’ve gone through the process of identifying, analyzing, and “storifying” your accomplishments, revisit the questions you answered at the beginning of this module and reflect on whether you feel any differently. Afterwards, you’ll be sharing your experience with your peers; scroll down for more:

  • I consider myself an accomplished person.
  • If asked today to state my proudest accomplishment, I can readily provide a detailed response.
  • If I lost my job today and had to update my resume, I could fill it with rich, results-driven accomplishments.
  • I know how to quantify many of my accomplishments.
  • I understand the best ways to frame my accomplishments so I can communicate them to best advantage.
  • I am comfortable talking about my accomplishments – in networking, interviews, and other oral situations.
  • I know what tools to use to brainstorm my accomplishments.
  • I regularly share my accomplishments with my boss.
  • I have a plan in place to regularly monitor, track, and self-report my accomplishments.
  • As I review my accomplishments, I set goals for the future.

To what extent have your feelings about your accomplishments changed after this week’s learning and activities? To what extent did you find story structures an effective way to express your accomplishments? Discuss this accomplishments experience with your peer learners.